Entrevistas con Historia

Every Saturday, 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM | Telemundo, Washington DC

Welcome to Entrevistas con Historia

This new TV series was created in order to show how the Latin community was developed in the Metropolitan Area of Washington, DC.

Each of the interviewees comes from a mix of backgrounds and categories such as: Education, Government, Social Agencies, Athletes, Doctors, Media, Lawyers, Theaters, Radio and TV Personalities, Business Owners and much more.

They will let us know how they helped shape this period in time; how did the community grow to what it is today; they will tell us about the curiosities and personalities of the period.

Each one of them is a history teller of the Latin community of the area.

The idea of this program emerges in any one of us if we ask ourselves:
  • When did the first Spanish language radio transmissions start?
  • Who was the first director of a Spanish language newspaper in the area?
  • Who were the first radio personalities? Which was the longest radio program?
  • How did the theater arrive to the Hispanic community?
  • Who was the first woman who was able to attain government money to help the immigrant community?
  • Who? How? And When were Mary Center, Ayuda, and Casa de Maryland founded and what was the motive that lead them to exist?
  • How and when did the first Spanish language TV transmissions arrive to the Metropolitan area?

Of course there are many more questions and in the program “Interviews with History” you will find answers to each of these questions.

They are the answers about the history of the Latin community that was forged year after year, and we are sure that you, the TV viewers will enjoy learning the history recounted by the characters themselves in a natural, emotional, anecdotal way never before revealed.

You are already part of today’s history, which someone will recount tomorrow.

Every Saturday on Telemundo Washington.

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